Recipe Notes Serves 4 to 6.


½ cup sugar

1 cup fresh blueberries

¾ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 cup plus 5 cups water


Combine the sugar and 1 cup of the water in a saucepan over medium-high heat, stirring until sugar dissolves. Add the blueberries and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer until blueberries are cooked down, about 5 minutes.

Strain the blueberry mixture through a fine mesh sieve and let the syrup cool.

In a large pitcher, stir together the blueberry syrup, the lemon juice, and 5 cups water. Refrigerate.

Serve in tall glasses over ice with a few blueberries and a sprig of mint for garnish.

Note: for a Fizzy Finn, mix the syrup and lemon juice with seltzer instead of water.