freshly picked oranges and lemons

Estate grown fruits and veggies are available to guests during their stay, not to take away. Scroll down to find what might be available each month. Produce varies pending rains and Mother Nature!

Fruit Set (Fruit Sex)

Fruit set is defined as the transition from flower to young fruit, a key step in the development of sexually reproducing higher plants. It is the process in which the flowers become fruit and potential fruit size is determined. It occurs after pollen released from mail pollen parts (anthers) falls on receptive female pollen parts (stigmas), produces a tube that grows into the ovules, and fertilizes eggs contained in them.

fruit set
Mirabelle PLums

Mirabelle Plums

Mirabelle plums are a small, sweet type of fruit most commonly grown in the Lorraine region of France. These high sugar plums are renowned for their use in various jams, jellies, baked products, and fruit brandy (known as eau de vie). There is an entire festival celebrating these juicy golden plums in the town of Metz, France. The Bee’s Knees Mirabelle plum trees bloom in the spring with resplendent white blossoms and the fruit is ready to pick in July. If the harvest is a good one, we will make preserves and perhaps some brandy! We may even host a preserving event  where guests can learn from a local master preserver.

pick lemons in winter

Winter at the Farm

Before the other fruit trees bloom and leaf out in the spring, the Bee’s Knees citrus trees offer a preponderance of lemons and oranges. During the spring blossoming, the farm is so fragrant that the bees get drunk on the scent and the entire property smells like heaven.

Bees Knees Estate-Grown Fruits and Veggies

One of the things that makes the Bee’s Knees such unique and magical vacation rental is the gorgeous acreage of fruit trees, berry bushes and other garden delights. May – September brings opportunities to pick fruit during your stay. Below is a list of timing for when our luscious fruits ripen, though there are no guarantees, since Mother Nature is in charge of those kinds of things. However, we can always provide current detail, as we are just a click away!

Late May


June – Early July





August – September







welcome to the Bees Knees Fruit Farm and Country House
welcome to the Bees Knees Fruit Farm and Country House
welcome to the Bees Knees Fruit Farm and Country House
welcome to the Bees Knees Fruit Farm and Country House
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